On December 27th, Parents and Elected Officials including Public Advocate-elect Letitia James and City Council members Melissa Mark-Viverito, Jumaane Williams, Margaret Chin and Ruben Wills filed a lawsuit to halt the recently approved co-locations of 42 schools, including University Neighborhood High School in District 1. In a press release  on December 29th regarding the lawsuit, District 1 Council Member Margaret Chin said:

“Co-locations in my district have put a serious strain on school resources and space in my district for little benefit to the students in my community. I have witnessed them get approved through a rubber stamp process that leaves no room for genuine community input. It’s time to put a halt to co-locations, including those recently approved at great speed and with little deliberation, until the DOE can demonstrate why the colocations are actually necessary and how they will practically fit with the schools currently in the building.”

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