Andrew Cuomo is a man of grand, possibly national ambitions. New York’s governor doesn’t just want to win re-election. He wants to crush his opponent, win by the biggest margin in history, and beat his dad Mario’s historic 65 percent vote tally from 1986 — still a record.

To do that, the governor has focused relentlessly on racking up endorsements and raising money. Lots of it. As of January, he had $33 million in the bank.

Cuomo has so much money that Edwin Bender, who spends his days studying campaign contributions at the National Institute on Money in State Politics, struggles to find the appropriate superlative to describe it.
“Quite an accomplishment,” he said, after reviewing the numbers. “Huge. An amazing feat, I guess I would say.”

Cuomo has more money in the bank than Jerry Brown, the Democrat governor of California; Dan Malloy, the Democrat governor of Connecticut; Martin O’Malley, the Democrat governor of Maryland; and Pat Quinn, the Democrat governor of Illinois — combined.  

But what’s more revealing is where that money has come from….