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 We have choices and are improving our local schools for ALL children!

Eva Moskowitz is expanding her charter school chain in D1 by petitioning for a new Success Academy Charter School in our community. Although there was no public notice, outreach or hearing, Success Academy Charter Schools Inc. has decided to switch the school approved earlier this month for D2 to move instead into D1.

Thanks to our Council members Margaret Chin and Rosie Mendez, the charter authorizer (who approves these schools-on-paper) has agreed to require all of these steps, even though they are not mandated by law.

Soon you will be seeing petitioners outside of your schools, homes and subway stops. They will ask you -and all passersby, parents or not- if they want a better educational option for all children. They may as well ask who likes Mom and apple pie! Then these ‘responses’ -from whomever, on whatever- will be used to *document* the desire of our community for a Success Academy Charter school.


Our community has performed an extensive needs assessment that Eva’s prefabbed schools do not meet:

Our community is an all-choice district that already offers an abundance of educational options, with 21 elementary and middle schools that parents can choose among;

Many of our community schools suffer from huge inequities in terms of  inputs (resources and, demographics) resulting in disparate outputs ( results and impacts) that will only be greatly exacerbated by this new comer;

Charter schools are NOT public schools but education corporations, managed by their own corporate boards and subject to different rules, regulations, laws and standards;

Most charter schools- especially those run by Ms. Moskowitz, do not serve the city’s highest needs students, taking credit for better outcomes when they are not playing on a level playing field;

NYC public schools lose resources to charter schools, that not only take in public funds from the Federal, state and city budgets but supplement their schools with huge donations from hedge fund investors;

Success Academy charters spend their extra funding on marketing, PR, lobbying and lavish salaries and offices for their  top down management rather than reducing class size and focusing on kids;

Success Academy schools practice excessive and punitive test prep to garner high test scores yet these measures do not pay off in HS admission or career or college success;

D1 DOES NOT need more choices!

Our school buildings DO NOT have room for another colocation!

85% of our schools are already sharing a building with one of more schools and class sizes are rising rapidly!

Privately managed schools that play by different rules will negatively impact our community, schools, families and kids!