Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program Grant

In late July, the New York State Education Department awarded Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program Grants to a number of NYC schools, including District 1’s PS 15: Roberto Clemente School. See the grant announcement here. And see CEC1’s executive summary of its diversity workshops aimed at driving admission planning.

The grant covers a 6 month community planning process which will result in a proposal that, if approved, will fund a 2 year implementation period to work towards the goals mapped out in the planning grant.

The planning grant will allow for the creation of a district-wide Family Resource Center, a school improvement initiative at PS 15, and socioeconomic-based, diversity-conscious student assignment planning.

The Pilot Grant kicked off at the CEC meeting at PS 20 on Weds. September 16th, where members of the D1 community were offered the opportunity to join one of the 3 working groups that will undertake the planning over the Fall. Community members can email Lisa Donlan, Project Coordinator, at to express interest in joining a work group.

The 4 planning groups that make up the District Planning Team, a sub committee of the District Leadership Team, will meet monthly following the kick-off forum on Sept 16th.

Click on the links below for more information about each work group:

PS 15 Enrichment Planning Work Group

primarily made up of  staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and family members of students from the PS 15 school community, with focus on school-based engagement and the educational enhancement and magnetization of PS 15;

Family Resource Center Planning Work Group:

a diverse, representative group of family and community members, teachers, staff and administrators from the CSD1 community the work group will create a community-wide Family Resource Center that will facilitate the equitable implementation of the SES Integration conscious student assignment and choice based school admissions policy;with particular focus on the types of families the Resource Center support will target;

Socio-Economic Diversity Conscious Student Assignment Planning Work Group:

a diverse, representative group of family and community members, teachers, staff and administrators from the CSD1 community will formulate  and test an effective and equitable SES integration conscious student assignment and target school choice based admissions policy;

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Work Group: 

to identify the timeline, methodology, quantitative and qualitative data and information and metrics  that will document and assess the implementation of the SES Integration Pilot.

At the D1 SIPP Grant Community Meeting on March 29, 2016, the Superintendent and two Work Groups presented updates on grant and work group progress.