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  • Admissions
  • Capital Plan
  • Charter Schools
  • Class Size
  • Dual Language/Academic Programs
  • Governance
  • Housing
  • Middle Schools
  • Safety/Bullying
  • Special Education
  • Testing
  • Title I

Committee Descriptions 

The Admissions Committee will work towards an equitable admissions policy district-wide, support the Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program grant, and examine “Diversity in Admissions” plans and gifted and talented programs.

The Capital Plan Committee will collect and prioritize school capital requests, share capital plan information with members/the public, comment on capital plan amendments, and examine space and building issues in District 1 schools.

The Charter Schools Committee will comment on charter proposals (openings, expansions, renewals, revisions, etc.), develop policy recommendations, and communicate with charter authorizers.

The Class Size Committee will evaluate overcrowding, advocate for small class sizes, examine Fair Student Funding allocations, and make Blue Book Recommendations.

The Dual Language/Academic Programs Committee will support Dual Language and English Language Learner communities in District 1 and support families’ education about, and input into, academic programming.

The Governance Committee will engage in education and advocacy about school, district, and citywide governance issues.

The Housing Committee will support students in temporary housing and the schools that serve them and will engage in outreach and advocacy about housing and educational policy.

The Middle School Committee will convene a panel of MS principals to share information with D1 families and will distribute resources to middle school families.

The Safety/Bullying Committee will distribute resources to families seeking supports, gather information about supports and interventions provided by schools, and monitor DOE reports.

The Special Education Committee will convene a panel of practitioners to share information with families about special education supports and resources in D1 and citywide and advocate for families with these needs.

The Testing Committee will examine the implementation, impact, and outcomes of high stakes testing and conduct public forums for discussion and action.

The Title I Committee will support and strengthen meaningful Title I participation in District 1.