CEC1 Sept 28 Oct 19 Save the Date

Parents, Please Save the Dates!:
Welcome Back Event, Sept. 28th 
Meet members of the CEC, PA/PTAs, Title 1 PACs, SLTs*, and more!
Date: Wed. Sept. 28, 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Location: PS 20, Anna Silver School, 166 Essex St.
*Community Education Council, Parent/Teacher Associations, Title 1 Parent Advisory Councils, and School Leadership Teams
– Childcare and refreshments provided. RSVP to cec1@schools.nyc.gov
 or (212) 353-2946

Middle School Panel 
Speak to Middle School Principals about their schools’ offerings during our Calendar meeting!
Date: Wed. Oct. 19, 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Location: PS 20, Anna Silver School, 166 Essex St
– Childcare and refreshments provided. RSVP to cec1@schools.nyc.gov or (212) 353-2946

Discipline Code Comments
September 2nd is the deadline to email the DOE comments on itsproposed changes to the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning (Student Intervention and Discipline Code). The changes, following the final recommendations of the Mayor’s Leadership Team and the result of the important work of the Dignity in Schools Campaign New York (“DSC-NY“) and others, include:

– amendments to the K-2 suspension policy;
– proposed additional guidance supports and interventions;
– Superintendent’s Suspensions of 11-29 days (previously only 6-10 and 30-90 days); and
– the possibility of early reinstatement from longer-range Superintendent’s Suspensions.

Statements and testimony by advocates though highlighted the need and urgency for further reforms (Urban Youth Collaborative), including comprehensive restorative justice policies, practices, and funding priorities. Advocates have also objected to the loophole (WNYC, 8/8/16; CityLab, 8/10/16) in the end to K-2 suspensions and to the “highly subjective ‘defying authority’ infraction” (Teachers Unite member op-ed; testimony). Below are other articles and testimony you may want to read if you plan to submit comments.
– Children’s Defense Fund testimony from the 8/8/2016 hearing;
– Brooklyn Defender Services testimony;
– Article on missing NYPD data on student interactions with police; and
– United Federation of Teachers testimony and response
We encourage you to email your comments to the DOE by September 2nd.
Contracts for Excellence
On Friday, we submitted a letter to Contracts for Excellence stating our objection to the FY ’17 plan based on the need for specific annual class size targets, sufficient funding to achieve those targets, and a genuine public engagement process.