Calendar and Business Meeting, Dec. 14, 6pm
Join us on Wednesday night for a discussion of district planning and updates:
*  a presentation from NYCDoE’s Office of District Planning
*  a discussion of the 2015-2019 capital plan amendment, the School Construction Authority’s response to last year’s D1 capital requests, and the capital request process*
*  superintendent’s report
Check out the agenda for Wed. Dec. 14 from 6:00-8:30pm at PS 20 (166 Essex St.) (Translated notice). Light refreshments and childcare will be provided. Please email if you will need childcare.
**DoE representatives will give their capital plan presentation at our January 25 calendar meeting

Charter Renewal Comments
We attended the Manhattan Charter School II renewal hearing last week and sent our comments to the DoE and the SUNY Charter Schools Institute. The comments focused on families’ concerns about school environment and academic supports and on the broken public oversight process.

Homeless Students 
Two articles last week detailed the extent to which homeless students are underserved in many NYC charter schools and in many traditional public schools. The majority are “concentrated in a relatively small number of schools,” including some in District 1. Chancellor Fariña referred to this as “clustering.”

The SIPP grant to District 1 is intended to help reduce this socioeconomic isolation and the disproportionate concentration of these at-risk students in a handful of under-resourced schools. The Socioeconomic Integration work group made recommendations last year aligned with these intentions.

Teen Program for Middle Schoolers
A reminder to apply for Vision Urbana and Grand Street Settlement’s Teen Center Cornerstone Program. Email or call the Teen Center Director at (646) 626-9748.

High School Newsletter
Check out the D1 & D2 high school newsletter from Superintendent Marisol Rosales.

Upcoming Dates 
CEC1 Calendar & Business Meeting, 12/14/16, 6-8:30pm, PS 20 (166 Essex St.)
Citywide Council on High Schools Cal. & Bus. Meeting, 12/14/16, 6:00-8:45pm, 52 Chambers
Panel for Educational Policy Meeting, 12/21/16, 6:00pm, 225 W 24th St. (Manhattan)
CEC1 Business Meeting, 1/11/16, 6-8:30pm, PS 20 (166 Essex St.)
CEC1 Calendar Meeting, 1/25/16, 6-8:30pm, PS 20 (166 Essex St.)
CEC1 Calendar and Business Meeting, 2/8/16, 6-8:30pm, PS 20 (166 Essex St.)