Maintain the independence of UNHS; prevent the co-location of New York City Charter School of the Arts
*  The DOE is working on a proposal to re-site New York City Charter School of the Arts (a Middle School) to University Neighborhood High School. UNHS parents have reached a breaking point (DNAinfo, 3/2/17).
*  Please sign the UNHS PTA’s petition to oppose this co-location.
*  UNHS was established in 1999 as a partnership between the DOE and NYU to prepare students of the community for college and beyond. Today, UNHS is prospering, serving nearly 400 students with an anticipated graduation rate of 91% in June 2017; a remarkable leap from eight years ago when the school was slated to close due to a 48% graduation rate. Proving itself to be a provider of quality education, the demand for enrollment into UNHS continues to grow.
*  Co-locating City School of the Arts and UNHS would add hundreds of Middle School students to already over-utilized spaces. Read more about why co-location at UNHS is a bad idea.
*  City School of the Arts should not be re-sited to District 1, as we told the Office of District Planning (ODP) last night.
*  The ODP anticipates submitting this co-location proposal on Monday, March 6th (as an Educational Impact Statement, or EIS). Please sign the petition now to oppose this 11th-hour decision, which the UNHS community only learned of this week.
*  If the co-location is formally approved, it will involve a Public Hearing at UNHS, tentatively scheduled for the evening of April 5th.
*  The proposal would then go before the Panel for Educational Policy for an April 19th vote (not a May vote, as we originally thought). Save the dates of April 5th and April 19th to voice your opposition to this proposal.
*  The ODP can also facilitate an optional community meeting to get feedback and answer questions before the April 5th Hearing. We’ll send information about that meeting when it’s available.