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Summer School

High School

  • NYC School Finder:
    • DOE, “Use the summer to research choices for your High School Application‚ÄĒvisit¬†NYC School Finder¬†on your mobile or desktop device to search New York City‚Äôs high schools and find programs for your application.¬† NYC School Finder is updated for the upcoming school year and is available in English and Spanish.‚ÄĚ
  • Manhattan High Schools District 1 & 2 Summer Newsletter¬†from¬†Superintendent Marisol C. Rosales. ¬†Thank you to¬†our¬†High School¬†Family Leadership Coordinator¬†Natasha Delgado for sharing!


“An¬†Integrated¬†Family Resource Center”

Charis¬†Durrance, a graduate student at the New School, recently completed her work studying the necessary elements of a District 1 Family Resource Center in a report titled, “An Integrated Family Resource Center” (publication pending). ¬†The SIPP grant provides for a Family Resource Center to support the district’s socio-economic integration policy. The¬†report¬†(link to Executive Summary) looks at possible policy changes and the limits of single-school integration initiatives, and describes the necessary elements of a Family Resource Center that would support socioeconomic integration, which include:

  • Outreach in preschools, daycare centers, and local community-based organizations
  • Opportunities for social networking among district parents across demographics
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand, and easy to access information about all schools
  • Clear information about a¬†controlled choice process
  • Counseling and advocacy support for parents

A community-embedded Family Resource Center with these elements would be essential to the success of a district-wide socio-economic integration plan because, as the report points out, “school assignment cannot be the end of the story.”

From the report, a D1 Family Resource Center would also need to reflect general best practices in Family Resource Center design, including:

  • Ease of¬†access, including parent-friendly hours
  • High quality, community-driven programming
  • Absence of¬†physical, linguistic, and other¬†barriers
  • Responsiveness to families’ unique needs and feedback; Development of strong partnerships between staff and families
  • A focus on promoting competence and¬†self-sufficiency
  • Staff and program¬†sensitivity regarding¬†culture, gender, and class

G&T Inequities


C-30 process; Park Slope Collegiate 


  • No Heavy Lifting Required: ¬†New York City’s Unambitious School ‘Diversity’ Plan¬†(Nicole Mader and Ana Carla Sant’anna Costa, The New School Center for New York City Affairs, June 28th)
    • “Our over-arching finding: Although these targets may have significant impact on the lives of the individual children affected, achieving them would represent only minimal changes to the system as a whole. No heavy lifting will be needed to meet them.”
    • Indeed, if recent demographic shifts that have occurred in our schools merely continue apace for the next five years, the DOE will be able to meet these diversity goals without implementing a single one of the dozen policies they recommend in their new plan.”
    • “The DOE‚Äôs leaders, and the School Diversity Advisory Group that DOE has established to help guide its diversity plan, should¬†aim higher, both system-wide and also within the city‚Äôs community school districts.” (from accompanying press release)
  • D1 Socioeconomic Integration: ¬†on June 21st we proposed next steps:
    • Reinstate regular and collaborative meetings
      • at parent-friendly times with supports (child care/food)
      • allow for outreach, participation, and authentic engagement
      • restore community collaboration, rather than DoE control
    • Provide resources to make good on commitments
      • put commitments in writing to the state prior to receiving any $
      • fund a controlled choice expert and project manager
      • establish a clear timeline and work plan for implementation
    • Build accountability
      • make data transparent and available online
      • post regular minutes and progress for public review
      • agree on an independent monitor to hold parties accountable
    • Adhere to the terms of the 2015 SIPP Grant, including:
      • Deliver¬†an expert-vetted proposal that includes Pre-K
      • Establish a Family Resource Center
      • Achieve the basic community goal of equity
Future Meetings 

  • CCSE Meeting: ¬†Thursday,¬†6:00 p.m.,¬†July 6th, Tweed Courthouse, 52 Chambers Street, 2nd Floor
  • CEC Annual Meeting,¬†7/19/17, 6:00 p.m., P.S. 20 (166 Essex St.)
    • At our next meeting we will set the business and calendar meeting dates for the 2017/2018 school year.
    • We will also elect officers for the 2017-2018 cycle