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 Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella, Fatima Baba

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

June 11th, 2014 –Meeting Minutes

Roll call – 6:10

Members Present –
Olivia Islam
Marco Battistella
Arnette Scott
Daniel Becker
Fatima Baba
Lisa Donlan

Late – Latesha Moore (7:04)
District Planning Introduces Office of ELL’s
1 million students in nyc schools
Students in nyc schools who speak a language other than English at home – 42% 415030
Students born in another country – 48% or 76660
Language spoken by NYC pub school students – 166 different languages
Total number of ELL’s – 159,824 students (12-14%)
Top 10 ELLs home language –
District 1 ELLS k-8 – 714 students
Data Collection System –
Automate the Schools – ATS
Upon enrollment – asks which language you speak
Schools each year complete the Bilingual Information Survey (BESIS)
Three bilingual programs in d1:
PS 20 – DUAL Chinese
PS 184 – Shuang Wen
PS 188 – Dual Spanish
Each student is weighted for additional money to support a program
Office of ELLS provides start up grants and support for the program and professional development
Arnette Scott – What outreach to parents does ELL’s provide? Is it possible to attend Middle School Fairs?
ELL’s – NYC Parent Fair – Annual ELL conference – Representation of all languages in the District and City Wide
Ld- Parents of ELL’s underrepresented in school governance – can OELL’s help to recruit seat for Parent of ELL’s
OELL will work with FACE to build partnerships and provide significant outreach to ensure
District Planning – Jennifer Peng
Office of Early Childhood education coordinating placement for pre-k. District Planning will be looking at where programs are and what the demand for programs are
District Planning priorities for District One – Presently working on G&T at PS 15, dual language program and supporting Pre-K expansion
Space Utilization formulas and processes are still being worked out. Numbers are released typically in November as an annual blue book snap shot. Not based on any projections for upcoming year
Lisa Donlan – Class Size Matters provides an extensive report on the how and why the space utilization formulas are not effective.
Parents from Marta Valle have complained about the spacing in the building that is co -located. 2 high schools and 1 middle school.
Spanish Dual language- Sylvia El Said PS 188
Dual language program started in PS 188 this year through the ESL program. Brooklyn has the most dual language programs.
Spanish is the highest language need; D1 only has Mandarin program due to the population.  Dual language is at least half of the instructional day.
PS 188 Dual Language program begins in Pre K. the program was open in 2012-2013. This year they had opened a Kindergarten and are in the process of opening a first grade.
There are different types of students in the Dual Language Program:  Native speakers, ELL’s , Transitional Students
Parents love the program at the school that the kids are learning about other languages and cultures.  Presenting successful stories to families, so they can see there is no stigma behind the DLL program.
PS188 is designing their own curriculum for DLL.
City Arts- Jamie Davidson –NYC Charter School of Arts
Placed an application for space in D1 school; hopefully will be open by 2015-2016 school year.
City Arts are trying to be different then traditional charter schools. Less test prep time and more arts/performance etc.
Charter schools was supposed to be an alternative choice to public schools; Charters are public schools. Cty Arts is working on a collaboration with D1.
Ms. Davidson has been teaching for 6 years and received her Masters in Education.
D1 is the most segregated district in all of NYC. There are 10 middle schools currently.
City Arts don’t want to co-locate, they are looking for a private building within a church, old hospitals etc.  But in order to apply they have to put on application stating they want to co-locate.
D1 already has collaborations with Henry Street Settlement, Third Street Music School, etc.
Accountability from Charter Schools and Public Schools are different. Diversity are lacking throughout the city.
Lisa Donlan- Came up with an collaboration for City Arts –Don’t want to take the money from the city. Gov Cuomo gave almost $3000 per student for Charter School. Get private donations instead of donations, plus the money from DOE.
Daniel Becker- Limit the choices to only D1, or put the school in one of the outer boroughs
Arnette Scott- We cannot accommodate City Arts school. This district is at full capacity, the need is not here anymore.
Ms. Pena- This is full of intent but if the impact is not there, there will be negative reactions.
Superintendent’s Report and Response
City Arts needs to do more research in district one. Several schools have robust and renowned programming already.
Mary Pree from PS 188 will be retiring in August
Earth School Principal Alison Hazut will be resigning on September 2nd.
James Lee from PS 20 will be resigning in August.
Talent Coach assigned by network to work with schools in districts to support programming. Beginning July 1, talent coaches will align with districts.
Principal Performance Review – Previous was Quality Review, Progress Reports, goals and objectives, compliance
Current: Measurement of Leadership, State Measures, Local Measures
Measures of Leadership Practice accounts for 60% of the Principal final rating. Two visits per year, one is announced and one unannounced.
46 Visits were made by the super indent; additionally during the Level 2 C30 process the superintendent gives walk thru about the process
Business –
Reso 4- Daniel Becker made a motion for Reso 13. Olivia Rychter second
Reso 5 Daniel Becker made the motion for Reso 15 Arnette Scott second
Minutes for April 23, 2014- Daniel Becker  made the motion for approval  of minutes Olivia Rycther second
Minutes May 14, 2014 – Daniel Becker  made the motion for approval  of minutes Olivia Rycther second
Minutes May 28, 2014  – Daniel Becker  made the motion for approval  of minutes Olivia Rycther second
Bio Bus- Danny Valdes  Bio Bus has opened in the Girls Club and wants to do a collaboration with the schools
Meeting adjourned 9:04 pm