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Lisa Donlan – President , Daniel Becker- 1st Vice President, Arnette Scott – 2nd Vice President ,
Olivia Isla- Treasurer
 Latesha Moore – Recording Secretary
Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella
Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

March 26, 2014 – Calendar Meeting Minutes
Roll Call 6:15
Lisa Donlan
Arnette Scott
Moses Seuram
Olivia Islam-Rytcher
Marco Battistella
Daniel Becker
Panel presentation – School Discipline and Intervention in NYC Middle Schools
Citywide standards – progressive stance on how educators and administrators should provide discipline/intervention
–          Main obstacle to policy is facilities/resources

Chancellors regulations A-443 on student discipline differ slightly from city policy
Local law 42 started to address bullying issues, which brought on citywide standards but no change to regulations.
Research includes information on best practices regarding intervention procedures and alternatives to
Incidence rates may be low but suspension rates are high and vice versa
UNMS Principal – Laura Peynado-Castro
Focus is on prevention aspect
Mental health issues play large role in how to take on a proactive role
Chancellor’s regulations are necessary part of how to develop discipline measures but it’s important to make sure that everyone feels safe
UNMS uses value system of concepts like consistency, achievement, respect, empathy, shared responsibility
Schools core values also have important relationship to academic expectations
Social expectations are mediated through student to student accountability
Peer mediation involved in holding students accountable
Student council meets weekly to bring attention to issues students are dealing with
Monthly awareness events
Provide students with tools and access to information about how to deal with issues like bullying and what they can do

Anna Bean (Teachers Unite) & Lauren Frederico (NYCLU)
Teachers Unite works with parents and teachers to address issues of discipline and work on projects and programs like restorative justice
NYCLU works heavily with policy applicability but also works with teachers parents and students
Schools to Prison Pipeline – students are more likely to end up in criminal justice systems if they experience punitive discipline
Numbers indicate an over reliance on room removal
School safety officers (NYPD OFFICERS) presence indicate a failing system of educating students and rather a reliance on an overly punitive system of discipline
Disproportionally effects students of color, ELLs and IEP students
53,000 suspensions in NYC last year
78% minor refractions like defying authority
National vs state standards differ greatly
Parents not informed adequately about protocol regarding suspensions
Superintendent Phillips – participation rates – schools being held accountable because certain students were previously being encouraged to stay home. Now requires schools to meet a 95% participation rate
Students expected to be back at school, taking a student out does not provide students opportunity to explain how it impacted them
Arnette Scott – how can parents advocate for changing regulations?
Anna Bean – trying to amend regulations to disallow insubordination/defying authority as reason for suspension
Second priority is providing more resources – DOE to embrace restorative approaches
Discipline code change – mandating guidance and intervention

NYC schools have a disparity of teachers of color and Latino/Hispanic  – cultural perspectives have direct impact on classroom management
7:51 – Superintendent’s Report
Shuang Wen – Iris Chui appointed principal/grievance filed – ongoing investigation
Earth School Principal will be leaving at the end of the school year
PS 134 – Daniel Kim is interim acting – c30 process at level II
HS parent teacher conferences happening tomorrow and march 28th
State exams – 1st,2nd,3rd
Math is April 30th – April 2nd
ELA exam will have fewer passages and fewer questions grades 3-8
Math exams will have shorter exam time
All MS Principals have received contact from chancellor’s office about after school programing
$190 m across NYC to push afterschool programming for middle schools
G&T score reports and families of eligible students submit applications by April 21st.
Open house and tour dates submitted to DOE
Resolution to support UPK –
Moses makes motion to approve
Lisa seconds
All in favor
Resolution to support NYSER – fair school funding
Arnette makes motion to approve
Moses seconds
All in favor
MCS data and information ACIS report
Not a state report – can be audited by the city
Gym space issue with MCS II & cafeteria

8:14 meeting adjourned by Lisa Donlan