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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella, Fatima Baba
Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

May 28, 2014 –Meeting Minutes

Roll call – 6:10
Olivia Islam
Lisa Donlan
Marco Battistella
Moses Seuram

Daniel Becker

Kindergarten Enrollment – data upon request
D1 KConnect pilot last year – roll out this year – in person enrollment, online, over the phone
67000 families, online
714 d1 residents, 80% applied online
Choices for families
71% of families got their first choice in d1 84%
Waitlist policy in d1 gives incentive not to put too many choices on application
Participation in kindergarten admissions among students in the turning 5 process increased significantly compared to last year
NYC – SEPT 2013 – 51.3 APRIL 2014 – 58.2
D1 – SEPT 58% – 73% Submitted and were placed among peers

Waitlist Policy in D1
Only a d1 resident whose child is not offered a seat at any of the schools listed on the application is eligible to be put on a waitlist
If a family is offered a placement not listed on the application the family may request to be placed on the waitlist for another school in the district

Waitlist order will be determined on a first-come, first served basis and will be managed by the office of student enrollments. Children will be offered placement in waitlist order as seats become available due to demand
October 17th is next year’s deadline for new arrivals. There is waitlist movement throughout the year however most are filled by now.
Gifted and Talented seat offers are later than regular enrollment
OSE works with principals confirming seat availability  – contacts at school work with local enrollment process.
OSE places students regardless of IEP status. Every student is admitted as gen ed in system.
K-connect pilot was focused on how parents and families apply for elementary school. Did not change enrollment policy.

In all other districts, applicants are automatically placed on the waitlist for all schools ranked higher than the school where the child got an offer.
For example an applicant receiving a [placement offer for the school listed on the application will be automatically included on the waitlist for their first and second choice schools. Schools will contact waitlisted families directly if they are able to offer them a seat; no additional action is required of families at this point in the placement process
Waitlists close in October – can remain on waitlist up until that point
Difference between d1 and all other districts: waitlists are managed at school level
In district 1 – a little instability until waitlists are closed. Students may leave school they were placed in if they get into a school of their higher choice.

Questions/Comments by CEC
Lis Donlan – D1 admissions policy is different because of school board design to create equity of access for diversity.
Priority structure is different for D1 – clear sense that in district 1 principal should not manage waitlists – waitlists were removed. Oversubscribed schools couldn’t have waitlist and in the event that a student leaves, they had no way of filling the seat. Need to address the instability of the structure.
D1 Process incentives families not to put a second or third choice
Next steps – OSE – committee and possibilities – admissions committee

NYLPI – PCB & Contamination Presentation
NYC DOE has made plan with EPA for removal of PCB lighting fixtures in schools. Caulk contamination is much more difficult to remove and also difficult to make sure HVAC system is operating well. NYCLPI have concerns about how testing has been done on the caulk.
Upcoming meetings city wide about the remediation plan – Manhattan Meeting is June 3rd at Stuyvesant.  EPA will decide after public hearing whether or not DOE will have to modify remediation plan.

City Arts Performance arts charter school – No attendance. Met with Lisa Donlan earlier in the month to talk about possibly opening in district one with the option of public space. Will invite back for June meeting.

Lisa Donlan will be working with other parents and Speaker Silvers office to discuss the recent budget passage allowing public space

Meeting adjourned by chair Moses Seuram – 7:11