Verify the dates and times below with individual schools, and check the District 1 website for updated SLT and PA/PTA meeting dates.


Many of the websites below have their own calendars or lists of important dates.

15          Roberto Clemente School

19          Asher Levy School

20          Anna Silver School

63          Star Academy

64          Robert Simon School

110         Florence Nightingale School

140        Nathan Straus School

142        Amalia Castro School

184         Shuang Wen School

188         Island School

315         East Village Community School (EVCS)

332         University Neighborhood Middle School (UNMS)

361         Children’s Workshop School (CWS)

363         The Neighborhood School (TNS)

364         Earth School

378         School for Global Leaders

839         Tompkins Square Middle School (TSMS)

450         East Side Community Middle/High School (ESCHS)

539         New Explorations in Science, Technology, + math (NEST+m)

292         Orchard Collegiate Academy (OCA)