SIPP Grant

Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program Grant In late July, the New York State Education Department awarded Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program Grants to a number of NYC schools, including District 1’s PS 15: Roberto Clemente School. See the grant announcement here. And see CEC1's executive summary of its diversity workshops aimed at driving admission planning. The grant covers a … Continue reading SIPP Grant

News, Links, and Save the Dates from CEC 1

The District 1 Leadership Team (DLT) Engagement Pilot will kick off in September. The pilot will involve a community-based needs assessment and goal setting process to inform the Office of District Planning. The Office of District Planning (ODP) "improves opportunities for students by creating and supporting high-quality schools and programs. Every year ODP assesses the needs … Continue reading News, Links, and Save the Dates from CEC 1

Demographics: Charters vs Traditional Public Schools The chart below gives the average percentages of English language learners (ELL); total special education students (Students with Disabilities); special education students in self-contained classrooms; and students in temporary housing in charter and traditional public elementary and K-8 schools in the city’s Community School Districts. Charter schools are in red and traditional public schools … Continue reading Demographics: Charters vs Traditional Public Schools

District 1 – Class Size Data

“In 2003, NYS Court of Appeals held that NYC class sizes  too large to provide students with constitutional right to a sound basic education” With the passing of the Contracts for Excellence law (C4E) in 2007 which allocated additional aid to high needs districts, NYC  was required to produce a plan to actively reduce class … Continue reading District 1 – Class Size Data


Middle School applications are due by DECEMBER 13TH !! Click here to see the DOE Middle School Process Calendar Kidergarten Application process begins January, 13th 2014 and ends on February 14th, 2014. Placement offers will begin coming in April and pre-registration will take place late April. As previously piloted in District 1, families will now … Continue reading ADMISSIONS UPDATES!!!