CEC 1 News & Updates

 Upcoming D1 Meetings CEC 1 Calendar Meeting – Universal Pre-K – February 11th 6pm PS 20 Anna Silver D1 community members are encouraged to attend to learn more about how decisions were made regarding UPK expansion here in D1, including the seats  added at our local Community Based Organizations. Parents, Schools and organizations directly impacted … Continue reading CEC 1 News & Updates


We sacked SACS! Thanks to everyone who came out last night and those who gave testimony. We are a strong, united community that will NOT be ignored! Don't forget the hearing on the renewal and revision of Manhattan Charter School next Tuesday at 100 Attorney Street, 6:15pm.

Risking Public Money: New York Charter School Fraud

http://populardemocracy.org/news/risking-public-money-new-york-charter-school-fraud Dec 1, 2014 Executive Summary Sixteen years following the passage of New York’s Charter School Act, the number of charter schools in New York has grown dramatically. Over the last 10 years, charter student enrollment has increased by 530 percent. Charter schools enroll over 90,000 students in New York State,2 80,000 of whom attend … Continue reading Risking Public Money: New York Charter School Fraud

Success Academy Charter Schools in D1!

One day soon, you might be stopped on the street and asked to sign a petition in support of "great new public school option coming into the neighborhood." At the top of the petition, you will also see the words "Success Academy Charter Schools."  Here in District 1, we want our schools to reflect our … Continue reading Success Academy Charter Schools in D1!

 We have choices and are improving our local schools for ALL children! Eva Moskowitz is expanding her charter school chain in D1 by petitioning for a new Success Academy Charter School in our community. Although there was no public notice, outreach or hearing, Success Academy Charter Schools Inc. has decided to switch the school approved … Continue reading