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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Markular Boons, Marco Battistella

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

January 22, 2014 – Calendar Meeting Minutes

6:15 – Roll Call

Members present

Marco Battistella
Moses Seurum
Olivia Islam
Lisa Donlan
Arnette Scott
Latesha Moore
Markular Boons
Not Present 
Daniel Becker
6:20 – Superintendent’s Report
Shuang Wen – SLT consultation – last step of C30 process (hiring process)
PS 134 Daniel Kim – interim acting – posting vacancy in retirement of Caputo
February 3rd – 15 day posting
Core curriculum overview
All nyc schools received financial incentive to buy school materials aligning toward common core
ELA & Math
District 1 had DLT workshop with vendors
Large portion of schools chose TCRWP as curriculum
For math – GoMath
PS 15 invested 15,000 in having teachers come over the summer to write personalized curricula
Some schools did not receive materials
TSMS order never went through – still using old materials
UNMS – Glitch in ordering and have not received materials
Moses Seuram – School feedback?
Daniella Phillips – Informal feedback through meetings with school leaders
Olivia Islam Rytcher- Do school leaders/teachers have any weight in this kind of decision?
Daniella Phillips – More and more feedback will be utilized especially under new mayor/chancellor
6: 50 – District 1 Data Study Presentation by CEC President Lisa Donlan
Data study – Urban planners commissioned to access whether or not open choice enrollment had any impact of diversity and equity in D1
Our schools have become less and less representative of the whole neighborhood
– Difference in achievement levels between schools – by grade level
– More children living in the district are deciding to go to district 1 schools
– Study compared d1 to d13 because of demographics and zoning, but did not see as much uptake
– Issue with comparison is the high percentage of charter schools which is not taken into consideration in data study findings
D1 used to be only unzoned district – Last year OPM went out to campaign for open choice zoning
Assignment policy – D1 used to have diversity based assignment plan – done by parent choice with lottery that had benchmarks for fairness
85% of our schools are shared within a building
Issues with data study include holes in data – lack of information
Goal of school achievement analysis – to assess disparity in education achievement over course of study period
– No one definition or measure limited to data publicly available for dates of study
– used test scores
Uptake – children within district 1 (5-13) percentage going to D1 schools
Schools are becoming more dissimilar from the district average in terms of race, socioeconomic status
Increase of racial clustering – even with outliers – Nest and Shuang wen removed
Some racial groups are more segregated over time and some less than others
– Group that is clustering and keeping similarity averages steady is white population based on percentage of dissimilarity
Class sizes city wide are increasing, as well as in district 1 by 26% since 2006 in k-3 class size for 4-8 has increased in d1 by 11% since 2007
Uptake in 2000 – 33% did not go to nyc public schools 2010 – dropped to 24%
D1 – 2000 – 39% did not go to D1 School
2010 – 16% did not
Use one coefficient to determine enrollment growth over a period of time even though trends vary widely across and within boroughs
Also use outdated census information
Data study is to show otherwise – stratification by race and ethnicity
7:45 – Middle School Enrollment Information
Data Received from Superintendent Phillips
7:55 – Updates on Charrette
Waiting on materials to be returned
Had diverse community turn out including CBO’s, Co-op residents, Development Residents, Traditional Schools, Progressive Schools, as well as representatives from DOE
Gale Brewer – attending CEC meeting unannounced
–  Notified members that the BP Office had assigned a PEP position
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 by Marco Battistella