BY LAWS REVIEWED: Daniel made the motion to amend the bylaws with changes in section 3a quorum; the members of the council shall wait for 30 minutes for additional members to arrive in order to conduct official business. Lisa Second the motion to amend the bylaws with said changes. All in agreement. Motion passed

MISSION STATEMENT REVIEWED: Daniel made the motion to amend the mission statement with changes to add A. percentage of each school with the placement of students with disabilities (on second bullet point)  B. state measuring(on sixth bullet) Lisa second the motion. All in agreement. Motion passed.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Postponed until next meeting in August

MEETING DATES: Meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday, subject to change due to holidays, closures etc. Dates are

Sep 18

Oct 9,23

Nov 20

Dec 11

Jan 8, 22

Feb 12

Mar 12, 26

Apr 23

May 14, 28

Jun 11

Neighborhood school principal as resigned. They are in the process of hiring a replacement, and the principal will stay on until this has occurred.

SCHOOL LIASONS: School Liaisons are as follows

  • Olivia –134 Henrietta Szold, 137 John L. Bernstein, 184 Shuang Wen
  • Naomi – 332 University Neighborhood, 292 Henry St, 345 CASTLE
  • Moses—19 Asher Levy, 301 TASS, 450 East Side
  • Daniel – 64 Robert Simon, 839 TSMS, 364 Earth School
  • Arnette – 110 Florence Nightingale, 20 Anna Silver, 188 Island School
  • Latesha – 34 FDR, 315 East Village Community, 361 Children’s Workshop
  • Lisa – 15 Roberto Clemente, 63 William McKinley, 363 Neighborhood
  • Available—140 Nathan Straus, 378 Global leaders, 539 NEST+M , 142 Amalia Castro