P.S. 20 Anna silver School Rm.136, New York, N.Y.  10002, (212)353-2946, Fax (212)353-2945 CEC1@schools.nyc.gov;

Lisa Donlan, Daniel Becker, Latesha Moore, Marco Battistella, Murklar Boons,

Olivia Islam, Arnette Scott, Judith Rodriguez, Moses Seuram

Daniella Philips – District 1 Superintendent


November 20th, 2013 – CEC 1 C&B Meeting



Members present – Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Marco Battistella, Markular Boons, Olivia Islam, Arnette Scott, Latesha Moore

6:17 – Moses Seuram

3rd UNEXCUSED ABSENCE – Judith Rodriguez

Dual Language Presentation — Introduction by meeting chair Arnette Scott

James Lee – PS 20

  • Dual Language exists as separate languages teaching the same thing. Minimal intentional instruction
  • DOE DL- origin is out of ELL – Serves to build foundation for English language
  • 4th year of using specific model – building tracking models for their individual model
  • Most DL programs begin because 10-15 parents in a school request specific ESL type program
  • If no DL program of choice is offered within specific district, parents can apply in other district
  • Benchmarks determined by fluency
  • Star 12 Program provides immersion courses during the summer
  • Hunter College also has an immersion program

Pat Lo – formerly with OELL – NYU – NYSED – Research

  • Immersion programs – positive correlation between foreign language education and early education achievement
  • Long term benefits are far greater – Early elementary to middle school increase gains
  • Perform better on SAT verbal and math
  • NYC uses model of 50/50
  • In other states students with zero immersion quickly catch up and outperform counterparts
  • Common threads for improving DL programming
  1. belief in mission and support for that mission – offer core and add to DL component
  2. Curriculum and instruction-
  3. administration and community
  • Separate needs assessment process for proficient and non-proficient parents
  • OELL – home language determining survey LABR – determines ESL status
  • Transitional Bilingual – traditional native language speakers
  • DL determined by parent need


Arnette Scott – if we build the elementary model of DL we will need more/different support for parents and provide adequate access to information

OELL – schools responsibility to inform parents about program availability in NYC

Audience member – ELL’s by DEO standards are pushed to be proficient

LD – How is demand determined? – OPM has put this as a priority but has not managed to start it

JL – Developing support is difficult – about finding team that is willing to commit regardless of numbers

Roll call – 7:35 -Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Marco Battistella, Markular Boons, Olivia Islam, Arnette Scott, Latesha Moore, Moses Seuram

Quorum Present

Superintendents Report – Progress Report – Student performance on Standardized test in grades 3-8 – ELA & MATH – compared to peer schools based on demographic information

  • Environmental factors/ how parents and teachers have completed surveys – minimal effect
  • ES & MS – no d’s or f’s
  • Quality review – qualitative measurement – based on two day visit to school – connected to rubric
  • State accountability

– Early engagement conversation based on progress report data – no discussion of phase out or closure of school

– Public process of school leadership meetings/parent meeting – access why schools are low performing

– Further conversations about TAP (targeted assistance program) – network works with schools to improve performance of schools


LD – 6 other schools with same or worse data, why is PS137 being picked for early engagement

DP – NYC criteria – schools on progress report with d’s f’s or 3 consecutive c’s

– Under developed

– Performance that exceeds local level can be removed whether or not they have prior low scores

LD – performance could be tied to demographic

DP – agrees

  • Open to public/school leadership/parent early engagement meetings:

–          cluster and network leaders hold public meeting to talk through these engagement conversations

–          ask school community for feedback so that new TAP can begin

  • Prior early engagement – 82% of schools then met departments annual criteria – increase progress report by at least 1 grade

PS 20 – Tuesday December 10th – Elementary school fair

  • Lighting fixture removal through capital plan – expedited process – buildings closed on weekend in January and during the summer
  • 800 schools have undergone the light fixture removal
  • could have impact on summer school sites for summer 2014

CEC – Business Meeting- Arnette Scott – Meeting Chair


  • Arnette introduces newest members –

–          Marco Battistella – PS 364 Earth School

–          Markular Boons – PS 63 Star Academy

  • Charrette Planning – Saturday in January – group of community members representative of D1 – envisioning what a new school would look like

–          Formal Charrette process – Outreach LES Girls club for a space for 4-5 break out rooms/ dining area/ big enough to fit 100 people

–          Lobbying for school to be built at SPURA site

8:02 – Elections

President – Lisa Donlan

Daniel made the motion to elect Lisa Donlan for the position of President

Olivia second the motion; all in favor, no abstentions


First Vice President –Daniel Becker

Arnette made the motion to elect Daniel Becker for the position of First Vice President

Olivia second the motion; all in favor, no abstentions


Second Vice President –Arnette Scott

Latesha made the motion to elect Arnette Scott for the position of Second Vice President

Olivia second the motion; all in favor, no abstentions

Recording Secretary –Latesha Moore

Daniel made the motion to elect Latesha Moore for the position of Secretary

Arnette second the motion; all in favor no abstentions

Treasurer—Olivia Islam

Latesha made the motion to elect Olivia Islam for the position of Treasurer

Moses second the motion; all in favor, no abstentions


8:07 – Committees

Capital Plan – Lisa, Daniel, Moses

Admissions committee – Lisa, Arnette, Daniel

Safety/Bullying – Olivia, Markular

MS -Daniel, Arnette

Dual Language- Lisa, Arnette, Olivia

PE – Lisa, Olivia,

Bylaws signed by Lisa Donlan and Latesha Moore

8:43 – Daniel makes motion to approve special meeting minutes

Moses seconds

All in favor

None apposed


New Business – City wide CEC letter to BdB

Daniel makes motion to sign onto letter to deblasio

Olivia seconds motion

All in favor

None apposed

CEC unanimously endorses letter to BdB

8:51 – meeting adjourned