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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Judith Rodriguez

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

October 9th, 2013 – Business Meeting


Meeting convened at 6:10pm with roll call by meeting chair Daniel Becker

Following members present:

Lisa Donlan

Latesha Moore

Olivia Islam

Arnette Scott

Moses Searum

Daniel Becker

Judith Rodriguez – Arrived at 6:20

Introduction to New Principals

Daniel Kim – Henrietta Scoldz – PS 134

Daniel Kim former ELL student, worked with PS6 (Upper East Side). Currently going for his doctorate in Education, a cook and is also participating in the Nov 3rd NYC Marathon.

Dyanthe Spielberg – Neighborhood School – PS 363

Dyanthe Spielberg (pronounced Diane thee) family is from Sri Lanka, moved from California. Taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade. Worked in SBST (school based support team) at Earth School

Introduction to CEC members

Lisa made announcement of MS panel at Calendar meeting 10/23

Suggestion made for next year’s MS fair by Daniel Kim – instead of forum, do small class room meet and greets

Collaboration between CEC & NYCpublic

Proposed collaboration based on getting needs assessment processed

Advocating for another school in the district

Charette process – Equitable opportunity to discuss needs and accomplish common goal among diverse group of shareholders

Lisa announced that the data study is revealed on 10/30

Daniel Becker suggested networking with business leaders to donate to charette

Lisa suggested working with a focus group

CEC funds one large project per year

Topics for charette could include:

Dual language

CEC Vacancy

Daniel Becker updates CEC on vacancy – still four slots open. Lisa Donlan explained that she went to Presidents Council last month and the Council stated that they should give the District some time to make the public announcement/notifications etc. Lisa will be going back to President Council to update the Council. To be voted on in Friday’s President Council meeting

Superintendent Report

Magnet Schools Application Grant was not approved for three year grant cycle

Only two schools were selected in NY State

Progress reports delayed

IPC – Initial Planning Conferences by 10/24 – principals meet with teachers in private one on one meeting/teacher selection (how they are evaluated)

Core curriculum materials are delayed/incorrect

November 8th deadline for G&T eligibility – must submit online testing form by this date

Kindergarten data- 79% of families used online approach

8% did it over the phone

13% In person meeting compared to D7 – online 54% online D23 – 48% online

2012 -745 k enrollment 2013 – 1062 – more choice

Enrollment Data

D1 MS – target (projected register) seat match (main round is how many actually do match – does not mean they actually went)

PS 15 has fewer than 13 students

DB- Progress made by getting program seated

Enrollment data shows that people are seeking out a dual language program

Only two schools that are showing declining enrollment -134/137

Applicants could mean outside of district one

Lisa- over 3,000 applicants just under 900 seats

Want to know actual enrollment numbers/percentage of ELL and IEP students in each of our schools

November Meetings

Invite Amistead school & Pat Lowe (Office of ELL)/ Robin Harvey from NYU – dual language panel

Asked AA to reach out to DL schools city wide

Planning for future meetings

Arnette Scott – Dual Language

Olivia Islam – Diversity

Lisa – Capital Planning

Judith – June (after school time/bullying/solutions)


Capital planning – school construction authority – meet with schools to get assessment

priority of 5 things

1. Health and safety

2. Curricular needs

3. High Schools

Admissions – striving for equitable admissions that make for diverse communities

Safety Committee/Bullying/Extracurricular activity

Middle School Committee

Dual Language

Committee suggestions – Physical Activity

New Business

CEC Meet & Greet

KConnect letter

October 28th Movie Presentation about Bullying and the ramifications in C.A.S.T.L.E/Henry St Complex

Lisa calls meeting adjourned at 8:41pm