P.S. 20 Anna Silver School, Rm.136, New York, N.Y. 10002, (212) 353-2946, Fax (212) 353-2945 CEC1@schools.nyc.gov www.district1cec.typepad.com

Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Judith Rodriguez

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

October 23, 2013 – Calendar Meeting


Daniel Becker called meeting to order at 6:20

6:20 – Council members present:

Daniel Becker

Lisa Donlan

Latesha Moore

Arnette Scott

6:28 – Moses Seurem


Unexcused Absence – Judith Rivera

Excused Absence – Olivia Islam


MS Panel Presentation Attendees

Laura Peynado-Castro – P – University Neighborhood Middle School

RoseMarie Gonzales –  P – FDR

Stephanie Hasandras – AP – Henry Street

Carla Gonzales – AP(ms) – East Side

Iris Chiu – IA P – Shuang Wen

Carry Chan Howard – P – GLOBAL

Brian ? – AP – CASTLE

Devin Aptakar – Dean – TSMS

A Representative from NEST+M did not attend. Admissions are open up to anyone in District 1. Most schools are not taking this years test scores due to the discrepancy of the Common Core exams. Global Leaders, you must attend one tour, TSMS does group interviews. Students will receive application with name, OSIS, address, attendance, test scores if applicable, report card etc.


Office of Portfolio Management – Jennifer Peng

November meeting – Dual Language

Increase student/district choice

What kind of language programs people would be interested in

Parents are solicited on dual language but not specifically Spanish

Need more parent participation to be representative of the needs of the community

Laura Peynado-Castro from UNMS speaks to distinction of dual language/bi-lingual

– need to start DL program at early ages/grades

Lisa asked as a follow up – what is the likelihood of starting DL MS

OPM has stated that the parent body has said NO to a DLL Program in their schools

Only PS 20( Anna Silver) and PS 184 (Shaung Wen) has DL programs in Mandarin.

Discussion and forum will take place

DLL-50% English and 50%other language

Superindent Report

Individual report in ELA & Math – ISR Report

HS – Parent Teacher conferences start this week

Elementary schools – evening on wednesday 11/13 & 11/14 in afternoon

MS – Parent Teacher Evening 11/18 & afternoon of 11/19

Parents can access testing and score information on ARIS

Printed report comes from school itself

No state accountability report on Science score

MS Fair – numbers have outgrown capacity of space and format for fair – 712 attendees

DLT to provide feedback on format and set up of fair

Arnette suggest brief orientation prior to MS Fair

CEC could start brainstorming FAQ’s/ways of thinking about admission processes

November 4th – DLT Workshop – Active Design & Green Initiatives at NEST School

CEC Report

Lisa Donlan – President’s Council did interview and make recommendation for candidates

Marco Batistella

Markular Boons

Milagros Arcia

Conflict of Interest forms reviewed – Need to be filled out – deadline November 1st

Lisa – D1 Data Study – How enrollment policy has influenced enrollment in our schools – October 30th

community driven conversation about data numbers

control vs. open market/effects of gentrification/trends

can data be released prior to event

Next meeting – November 20th Dual Language – Combined Business and Calendar meeting

8:50 – Daniel Becker closes meeting