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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Judith Rodriguez

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

September 18. 2013

Calendar and Business Meeting

Meeting convened at approximately 6:00. Members present:

Lisa Donlan

Olivia Islam

Quorum was met and calendar meeting commenced at approximately 6:15 with the following present:

Daniel Becker

Latesha Moore

Moses Seuram

Arnette Scott

Judith Rodriguez arrived at approximately 6:25

Lisa introduced the meeting agenda as well as the new Administrative Assistant to CEC, Jordyan Mueller

C4E Presentation by Daniella Phillips and Nina Mazer

Detailed guidelines for allocation of C4E funding based on initial allocation in 2007

Daniel Becker and Lisa Donlan raised concern about maintaining 2007 allocation of funding despite increase and change in numbers of existing schools and enrollments

C4E has identified 75 schools subject to potential amendment to allocation for funding which includes new schools

List of 75 schools can be found online http://schools.nyc.gov/AboutUs/funding/c4e/ClassSizeReduction2013-14

Office of Portfolio Management to co-locate CTE High School at University Neighborhood High School


Summary of early college model provided by Jennifer Peng’s collegue, Nathan:

Fluid, six year program that providing academic support for students to complete high school credits, receive Associates Degree and secure work internships/apprenticeships

PTA President from University was present and raised concern about space allotment with new school

Over utilization was raised as an issue several times by CEC members and public

Arnette Scott raised the issue of time allotment as pertaining to space

Formal Floor Plan was requested for October 7th hearing on co-location

Lisa suggested people attend October 7th hearing and the Panel of Ed Policy vote on October 15th

8:14 – Lisa Donlan makes motion to move into Business Meeting


Brief introduction from XO Thomas of School Safety


8:23 Attendance for Business Meeting is taken


Budget discussion commences

Proposed allocations:

Childcare                        $3,000

Meeting Refreshments  $4,000

Office Supplies              $8,000

Website Service             $2,000

New Computers             $3,000

TOTAL                 $20,000

Budget can be flexed but initially represent preliminary budget for approval

Lisa asks for discussion

Daniel Becker makes motion to adopt FY 2013-2014 budget for CEC D1

Moses  Seuram Seconds

Budget passes unanimously

Approval of meeting minutes for July and August

Daniel Becker makes motion to adopt meeting minutes

Arnette Scott seconds motion

Meeting Minutes for July and August are approved unanimously

Discussion of October Meeting

Daniel Becker and Lisa Donlan discuss Middle School Fair dates and suggest that Middle School Principals be invited to October Calendar meeting

Ask if meeting date should be changed

Date will remain for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Bylaws and Officer Election

Daniel Becker motions to adopt bylaws

Arnette Scott Seconds

Lisa Donlan informs council that bylaws cannot be approved until officers are elected

Daniel Becker makes motion to postpone officer elections until October meeting

Group unanimously approves to postpone officer elections and approval of amended bylaws until October meeting

CEC Vacancy

Lisa made the announcement that there are 4 positions open on CEC 1: ELL 1, BP rep, 2 regular and that Ms. Donlan was making an appearance to president’s Council on the next day. During President Council if there is anyone that want to join, there will be a forum about joining

8:52 – Meeting Adjourned