Join us for the School Diversity Workshop 7-Session Series!

Check out the dates below to see when your school/community is scheduled to attend. Can’t make that date? Contact us at cec1@schools.nyc.gov!

October 25th – TNS 363/PS 63 Star/PS 34/TASS/PS 19/Eastside Community High School

November 15th – TSMS/Earth School/PS 64/PS 20/School for Global Leaders/EVCS/ CWS

February 28th – PS 15/PS 188 /PS  137/PS  134/PS 110/Shuang Wen/Henry St/UNMS/CASTLE/PS 140/PS 142/NEST

March 21st – NYCHA: Ave D14-Houston RIIS/WALD/Bracetti/LES I & II

April 11th – NYCHA: Columbia St/BARUCH/Vladick/ Laguardia/Rutgers/ SP Extension

May 30th – Settlements: UNIV/ Henry St/ Grand St/Ed Alliance/

School diversity and equity has been an important priority for District One. In October of 2013 the Community Education Council of District One commissioned a data study on the effects of open choice assignment on school diversity in District One schools. Some of the findings show that from 1999-2011, schools district-wide have become increasingly segregated based on student race, free lunch status, and student achievement.

CEC 1 is dedicated to supporting community-driven solutions to the issues affecting our district, including segregation. In January, CEC 1 held a Community Engagement Lab that brought stakeholders together to develop goals for a new school on the SPURA site that would allow our children to flourish. At this workshop, school diversity emerged as a primary concern of our community members.

On March 29th CEC 1 brought in Michael Alves, an expert working on controlled choice student assignment plans. Community members participated in a series of preliminary activities specifically designed to develop community-driven priorities and goals surrounding school diversity and equity. The workshop was also intended to serve as a prototype for future events to engage parents as stakeholders in conversations about diverse education and school integration.

Below is an example of some of the prominent diversity factors participants from two different groups agreed upon:

  • Diverse Parent Education Attainment
  • Equitable Distribution of Special Education Status
  • Full Range of Family Income/ Socioeconomic status
  • Race & ethnicity
  • Diverse definitions of learning “achievement”
  • Equitable Distribution of English Language Learner Status
  • Faculty and Staff Diversity

This is just the beginning. CEC 1 would like to see everyone have the opportunity to work towards ensuring that our schools are diverse, equitable and accessible for ALL students.  We hope that you can join us in the future, as we continue to refine the process and continue to build in next steps.

Check back soon for updates!