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 Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Markular Boons, Marco Battistella

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

 December 11, 2013 – Calendar & Business Meeting


6:16 – Roll Call

Members Present

Lisa Donlan

Arnette Scott

Latesha Moore

Markular Boons

Not present

Marco Battistella

Daniel Becker

Moses Seurum

Olivia Islam

Presentation by School Construction Authority – Ross Holden

Capital Plan is put together by:

Capital Improvement projects – BCAS

Average age of school buildings – 65+ years old

– Limited amount of resources to deal with all issues

– Rate system 1-5 depending on severity

– considered on citywide basis

– informs CP projects

Present amendment 2015-2019 only covers first two years

Modifications to plan

Final draft is published in February

Leases and additions –

2003-2013 – 126, 000 new seats

In district 1 – added 1.087 seats by taking out old district offices and making classrooms

147 Capital Improvement Projects totaling $194 million

Resolution A

58 RES O A projects totaling more than $18 million

2015 plan is $12b

Capacity prgram $3.9b

capital investment $4.6b

mandated programs $3.5b

In district 1 – 5 proposed projects for lighting fixture upgrades totaling $7.5 million to be carried out over rolling period

Amendments made partially through comments made through CEC submissions

6:42 Lisa Donlan opens up forum for SCA


Q – Restructuring – New Schools?

Capital Plan amendments weighed heavily by public/school comment

BCAS  estimation

Lisa Donlan – Gym Survey – shows that a number of buildings in district 1 do not have the space to uphold state mandate for PE

– CEC1 will be submitting information about the Gym space/utilization

Lisa Donlan – Emergency construction on 63 presently taking place

Previous request submitted for a kitchen – $ from council members through redo granted before emergency construction occurred/began

SCA – separate project

Lisa Donlan – Needs follow up

Lisa Donlan – SPURA – Although construction is going up including housing units at SPURA, how does SCA/DOE determine that there is no need for school? How can SCA be proactive before overcrowding (as in Tribeca) occurs?

Leases are complicated

PS 51 – Bronx

SCA – Protocol is different with leases vs building

Lisa Donlan – PA and alarm systems are faulty – is that an SCA priority?

SCA – collocated schools have PA sharing issues

Some PA Alarm systems are antiquated – difficult to repair – most can be fixed – \

Arnette Scott – Wireless capability – Where does that lie as a priority

SCA – could be good RESO A money – contact elected officials and put in comment forms

Lisa Donlan – $210M for charter schools –

SCA – grants to charter schools with matching contributions

– can go to SUNY chartered schools

– Criteria has to be in good standing

– Charters that have more money work well with SCA

7:05 – Lisa Donlan Introduces new school leader for CTE School at UNHS

Jennifer Peng – OPM – New school to open in September of 2014

– introduces new school team as well as new school leader

Lisa Donlan – Office of space planning – How is the building going to be shared over time?

– Traditionally co-locations have been addressed through short term planning

– Council has been requesting information about the space sharing for months

– UNHS – high needs student population – push in and pull out classes – require the space

Jennifer Peng – Collaboration between school leaders – OSP & principals have a space planning meeting

Lisa Donlan- Will the public get to see this meeting?

Jennifer Peng – Information will be shared through SLT

Drew Patterson (Office of Portfolio Management) – Collins will take the projected space planning meeting back to SLT

Drew Patterson (Office of Portfolio Management) – EIP has projected estimation or footprint of what it will look like, in first year and at capacity

OPM AND OSP do not decide space sharing alone, collaborative effort

Lisa Donlan- Technology upgrades  are many and require more space

– Budget for electrical upgrades

Upgrades almost done

Arnette Scott – CBO partnerships/College planning space? Are these being considered?

– Transportation to BMCC

Jennifer Peng – CBO’s – space has already been removed in the consideration of space (remain intact)

Matt Tossman – Introduction to BIO and school plan

6 year school plan – can acquire AA and then transfer on to BA

Industry partners through program

Media studies/management


Business – Admin/Management

Announcement about Charrette

Announcement about equitable admissions  – partner with CBO’s

K-Connect Letters


Meeting adjourned at 8:17