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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Rychter, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella, Fatima Baba, Stephanie Thompson, Luke Henry

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

Calendar & Business Meeting – 12/10/2014

Meeting Chair – Olivia Rychter

6:15 – Members Present

Lisa Donlan

Marco Battistella

Olivia Islam

Stephanie Thompson

Fatima Baba

Luke Henry


Daniel Becker

Arnette Scott

Latesha Moore


Space Planning Presentation

Budget for 2015 increased by $700 million for a total of 13.5 billion

Funding increase for technology infrastructure and bathroom upgrades


Public questions:

Question: we are concerned that Success Academy is planning to get space in this neighborhood and specifically in our building (UNHS) or PS 20 building.

How is the availability of space determined? How can we prevent this from happening as the community does not want it?


Issues of safety and issues of kids being looked down to, kids that already are going through a lot.


District Superintendent Report:

C30 process done with level 2 for East Village and for

C30 ES just completed level 1 and PS 20 will have it this month PS 15 was visited by Deputy Mayor and the Chancellor and was able to present their very good full inclusive programs.


Update on Success Academy – Public hearing scheduled for January 8th


Capital plan committee will meet before next meeting, January 28th at 5pm


Olivia Islam makes motion to approve November meeting minutes

Luke Henry seconds

All in favor



Meeting Adjourned