The Community Education Council for District 1 strongly believes in the importance of reducing class size both in our schools and across New York City (click here to view CEC1’s mission statement).

The 2016-2017 Preliminary Class Size Report is now available. Class Size Matters prepared a helpful chart for the CEC showing that average class sizes in D1 have decreased since last school year (from:  21.5 to 20.9 in K-3rd grade, and 24.7 to 22.4 in 4th-8th grade (and below the C4E goal of 22.9).  Citywide, class sizes are still above C4E goals.

2014 Information

Below is a 2014 report from Class Size Matters – a NYC non-profit organization leading the charge in advocating for smaller class sizes locally and nationwide- that  evaluates class size INCREASE in District 1.

“In 2003, NYS Court of Appeals held that NYC class sizes [were] too large to provide students with constitutional right to a sound basic education”

With the passing of the Contracts for Excellence law (C4E) in 2007 which allocated additional aid to high needs districts, NYC  was required to produce a plan to actively reduce class room size in NYC public schools. Despite the C4E regulations, class size city-wide for grades k-3 is now the largest it has been since 1998. Additionally, class size city-wide for grades 4-8 are largest since 2002.

How does class size measure up in District 1?
*  Grades k-3 have increased six years in a row, with an increase of 26% since 2002
*  Grades 4-8 have increased by 11% since 2007

Click here to view the 2014 Class Size Report