It is a new year and a new opportunity to reinvigorate our school community!We at Community Education Council 1 are excited to invite you to a special event, the “Community Engagement Lab.*” At a time when the new mayor and chancellor have pledged to make parents true partners in building better schools, the consensus-building Community Engagement Lab will model what real parent engagement might look like in our city.
What is a Community Engagement Lab?
The Lab is a highly engaging, full day of learning opportunities, structured brainstorming activities, and consensus building focused around the question:How might we design a school for District 1 so that our children get what they need to flourish?
Why a Community Engagement Lab?
The Lab will let the CEC and Community Board to identify what matters most to community members regarding new school development in District 1.
What will emerge from the Lab?
Participants will arrive at a series of statements that will form the basis for creating a set of design principles for any new district school. It will be a consensus-driven vision for the district.
What will I do if I come to the Lab?
The Lab is a day-long commitment of interconnected activities. You will be listening, speaking, and writing. Maybe even drawing. You will be learning, brainstorming, prioritizing, and refining. You will be eating lunch (on us). The Lab is designed so that everyone participates and no one dominates.
Why should I come to the Lab?
Your voice and your ideas matter for your community’s schools. Because of the interactive nature of the day, you will get to better know your neighbors. You will be part of building a powerful vision for your community.