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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella
Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent
February 12, 2014 –Meeting Minutes

6:11 Roll call
Lisa Donlan
Arnette Scott
Olivia Islam
Daniel Becker – 6:13

Excused Absence

Late –
6:29 – Latesha Moore
6:32 – Marco Battistella

Introduction by Chair – Olivia Islam – Community Needs Assessment – District 1 Gym Survey
Lisa Donlan – Gym Survey

Main barrier – Access to gymnasiums in District 1

State requirements for PE (see slide show)

High School requirement has been audited due to previous waiver program

nyc risk behavior survey – city wide statistics (see slide show)

gym facilities, yard facilities, water fountain facilities as need based assessment

3 types of schools – Space issue whether shared or otherwise
– PE Class Frequency issues – programming challenges
– Sometimes have completely overcrowded classes well over 50
– Multiple School Gym Share

35 % of schools have converted gym space
– 7 serve as several different large scale rooms
16% share gym space with 3+ schools
m056 can’t use divider because of liability issues
23% share with 2 schools – still have PE only once a week
– can’t afford gym teachers due to budget restrictions

Water fountain issues 8 schools have broken/constantly breaking water fountains – difficult to address because it’s not a Capital Planning issue

Active Design – work with built environment to redesign space to encourage physical activity
CEC working with UNMS at M056 to transform school yard
Trust for public land – PS 15 grant to improve yard with playground renovation
DLT training for SLTs to discuss best practices in face of such challenges:
PS 20 – School Wide Recycling/ Cookshop Nutrition program
Earth School – Roof top Garden
PS 110 – Elasti-wood flooring for gym/lobby, Office of Wellness, Move to Improve, Ready to Learn
EVCS – School wide recycling & composting
UNMS – fence art & mural, school garden

Does survey take into consideration after school programs –
Survey was designed to address capital plan process to present facilities issue to SCA

Repercussions for not meeting mandates – what can community do to make sure mandates are met
– Recreational activities technically count towards mandates
– Community resources and partnerships

If principal claimed zero PE – intervention would occur “check in” to see how to rectify the situation

Daniel Becker facility issues are present however weekend programs and summer do not meet state mandates

Arnette Scott – need to change the frame of mind for DOE and those in charge because of policies (high stakes testing, smaller schools in shared space) that have overshadowed Pe/ Physical Activity

In situations like high schools where principals are audited, pressure is placed to “figure it out” – requires creative solutions

– Intervention measures – extended 30 minute conversations for lowest performing students
– Money allocated based on percentage of students who scored level one
– Many schools did not realize there was a separate allocation

6:58 – Superintendent’s report
Kindergarten Applications have been extended until January 20

Extended parent teacher conversations –
More students in level one not meeting standards/expectations
District 1 is 3rd highest across city for students in temporary housing
2.59 % identified as STH
– determined by placement in shelter, motel, campground, abandoned in hospital, awaiting foster care
– car, park , public space, but train or abandoned p[lace
– doubled up with friends/relatives
– large number in d1 are in shelters or doubled up
– ps188 – 104 STH students – provide wrap around services
– ps 15 – 18 STH
– PS 64 – 18 STH
District total – 281 STH from September to February at any point
– transient population
Correlations drawn between stratification data in D1 with STH report

7:32 – Liaison Report
Marco – UNMS – working on a grant to receive money to provide summer programming as well as field trips

New Business
Budget Modification deadline
Meeting Notice

7:33 – SPURA update
Stringer Representative – Mauricio – Discussed letter sent to SCA pushing for school to be included in CP for 2015-2019 to which request was denied, stating that the request is more likely to be added to following plan
– SPURA contraction plan states that buildings will be erected by 2018

7:37 – UNHS update –  Lisa Donlan – letters written by CEC 1 AND 2 presidents to Chancellor, PEP, FACE suggesting reevaluation of plan based on identified space issues as well as health and safety

7:43 – Charter Foil
Not meeting full seat targets but do have backfill
Low percentage of District 1 students
– MC2 – only 43% from D1 despite priority
Not meeting targets, but wait lists are present – regularly told that there is high demand for charters (instances of financial incentives i.e. GIRLS PREP in October

Meeting Adjourned 7:48