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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella, Fatima Baba, Stephanie Thompson

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

Calendar & Business Meeting – 10/29/2014

Meeting Chair: Arnette Scott



Lisa Donlan

Latesha Moore

Daniel Becker

Fatima Baba

Marco Batistella

Moses Seuram

Kevin Becker

Olivia Rychter



Middel School Panel.

Represented: FDR PS 34, School for Global Leaders, The Island, Castle, UNMS, HSSIS, TASS, Shang Wen, TSMS.

FDR PS 34: k-8. Community and Family Oriented School, connected to local organizations, very active PA.

School for Global Leaders: 6-8. If you attend open house you will be offered a seat, Small school. No test scores requirements. Common Core Focused. Arts grants. Building Shared with 2 High School. Teaching Students community service, empathy compassion.

TSMS: 6-8. Started by coalition of community families and educators. We believe that kids learn best when learning with kids that are in some way different from them. Social emotional focus for the kids to prepare them for the academics and high school. What we look for in the application process is how kids work with each others and attendance.

The Island School, PS 188: k-8. A community School, a place for children, family and community. Extended days. Many programs, from 6:30am to 8pm some staff is present. 25 students are attending Bard high school 3 days a week, which help in them being later accepted by the school.

Castle: 6-8. Mission to support students academically socially and emotionally. We have low performing students and high performing students, we have support for both. Intimate school, small community. Very small classes. After school program through a grant. Full orchestra.

UNMS: 6-8. The story of UNMS is about community and relations. Independence is nurtured and supported. The school show significan student improvements. Life skills like knowing how to workwith others is value and it is part of the grading systems. Problem solving is through communication. Restorative justice is the form used by the school. Students learn financial literacy. School innovation grant, offers things that that they might not be able to get otherwise. NYU is a partner school. In July Students will be in NYU Campus.

HSSIS: 6-12. School Improvement Grant allowed to do many things. Working provision coherent  instruction to ESL as well as accelerated students. Robust afterschool program with many options. International school, exploring cultural diversity of the city. Students in the past have traveled to China, Morocco and other places. Both Mandarin and Spanish as foreign languages.

TASS: 6-8. take kids form concrete thinkers to more abstract thinkers. Small School. share the school with PS 19. Lincoln Centeris connected to TASS and works with the school to integrate arts into the day. Guidance counselor supported by inters from NYU. Many clubs.

Shang Wen: k-8. Dual Language School. Learning 2 languages and becoming familiar with both cultures is fundamental learning and life experience. Science Clubs. Computer Lab, Dance Studio. Advisory, Carreer day, with professionals explaining what’s their job is about and how it works. Afterschool program. Very academic oriented school.



Contract for Excellence presentation.

The goal of CFE to rebalance fund to urban schools as compared to suburban schools.

This aspect of the school budget covers about 1/2 Billion dollars and was the result of a lawsuit that orderred the state to supplement city budget.



CEC Members and Public Comments:

This budget is no longer a supplement of the budget but supplanting very basic school needs.

Law mandated earnings for public comments about the budget.

Schools class size has increased in spite of the requirement of the contact for excellence to reduce class size.

The State was supposed to increase this fund but has not.

The feeling is that the DOE is just accepting the fact that the state has not come through on the promised amounts.

In relation to public comments on the budget: we should be now discussing next budget, not a presentation of what is de-facto an already approved budget.

We would like to see the numbers and budget in more details to understand how is the money allocated in the district.



Superintendent report

Update on the C30 process:

ESCHS and Island Completed level 1 interview.

PS 20 and Earth School are at the job posting stage.




Resolution to approve Stephanie Thompson as CEC member until June 30th 2015.

Daniel Becker makes motion to approve

Fatima Baba seconds

All in favor


Resolution to support AA

Olivia Rychter makes motion to approve

Moses Seuram seconds

All in favor




Approved Resolution to Approve minutes

Daniel Becker makes motion to approve

Olivia Islam seconds

All in favor



Meeting Adjourned 7:53