For the school year starting in September 2018, the pre-K application period begins on January 17, 2017. Check the DOE’s Pre-K Admissions website for updates and see the 2017 Pre-K Directory for Manhattan programs.
From the 2017 Directory:
New York City offers every four-year-old child a free, full-day, pre-K seat through the Pre-K for All program. Your child is eligible to attend pre-K in the year that he/she turns four. Pre-K programs are free and provide a year of education before kindergarten.

Submit a Pre-K Application from January 17, 2017 to February 24, 2017. The application is not first-come, first-served, so explore many program options for your Pre-K Application. Make sure you submit your application online, by phone, or in person at a Family Welcome Center by February 24; ask for and save your receipt no matter how you apply.

The DOE will send you an offer letter in the mail by late April 2017. This letter will let you know which pre-K program has a seat for your child in September 2017. If you apply online, you will also receive an email that tells you how to access your offer letter online.
There is a Round 2 application period from April 20, 2017 to May 9, 2017. This application period will include new programs that are not part of the main application period. You should apply in the main application period from January 17, 2017 to February 24, 2017. All families can apply in Round 2; more information will be available about Round 2 in Spring 2017.
Once you get your offer letter, contact the program to arrange a time to accept your offer and pre-register by May 2017. By pre-registering, you are reserving the seat for your child so he/she can attend the program in September 2017.
Pre-K Finder: Use Pre-K Finder to research pre-K programs. Check back often, starting in mid-January 2017, for newly added programs that you can put on your Pre-K Application. Request a call from the Pre-K Outreach Team. Fill out the online form to get started.

Website: Check this website throughout the year to get more information and resources about Pre-K Admissions.

Email: Sign up for the Pre-K Admissions email list to get the latest updates and key date reminders.
Phone: 718-935-2009: Call if you have questions about Pre-K Admissions.
Family Welcome Centers: Visit a Family Welcome Center to speak with NYC Department of Education staff about Pre-K Admissions.
Division of Early Childhood Education: Learn about the benefits of early childhood education and about the instruction offered in pre-K programs. Email to learn about language programs offered in pre-K.
Special Education: Learn about special education services in Pre-K for All programs
Waitlists: If the DOE is unable to make your child an offer to your first choice pre-K program, it will automatically place your child on the waitlist for any programs that you listed higher on your application than the program where you receive your offer. However, your child will not be automatically added to the waitlist for programs that you listed lower than the program where you receive your offer. For example, if you receive an offer for the program you list third on your application, you will automatically be listed on the waitlist for your first and second choice programs. If families leave either program and space becomes available for your child, the program will contact you directly. Waitlists are sorted using the same admissions priorities that are used to determine offers. Families who live in a district school’s zone and don’t get an offer will be higher on the district school’s waitlist than families who live outside the zone.

See the 2017 Pre-K Directory for more information on the admissions timeline and application, what to bring to pre-registration, students with disabilities and students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

D1 Pre-K Programs (2017)