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Members: Daniel Becker, Lisa Donlan, Olivia Islam, Latesha Moore, Arnette Scott, Moses Seuram, Marco Battistella, Fatima Baba

Daniella Phillips–District 1 Community Superintendent

 Calendar Meeting – September 17th, 2014

Meeting Chairs – Fatima Baba, Lisa Donlan, Daniel Becker

6:05 Members Present

Lisa Donlan

Fatima Baba

Latesha Moore

Olivia Rychter

Daniel Becker

Moses Seuram

Marco Battistella

Arnette Scott

Quorum Present

6:10  – History of and current status of District 1Lisa Donlan

  • Presentation of district wide data detailing demographic breakdown of D1 schools
  • Overview of diversity workshops that CEC1 is sponsoring for the upcoming year


6:30Speech from Chancellor Fariña  

  • Touching on the subject of diverse enrollment, school size (schools too small to provide services) and professional development.


6:45 – Questions and answers for Carmen Fariña


7:15 – Break

7:20 – Open public comments (2 min)

7:35 – Superintendent report

  • 4 new IA principles in the district

7:50 – Business

Daniel Becker makes motion to approve August meeting minutes

Olivia Islam seconds

All in favor


8:00 – Meeting Adjourned