An SLT is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators who meet monthly to make school decisions. SLTs write a Comprehensive Educational Plan outlining their school’s goals and priorities and strategies to meet those goals. Goals can include things like increasing school diversity or decreasing suspensions. Each SLT has an equal number of parents and school staff. Mandatory members are: The PTA President, parents, the principal, and the UFT Chapter Leader. Optional other members: A minimum of two students (high school), and representatives from local community-based organizations. See for SLT resources.

Below are resources for School Leadership Team members.

SLT Training PPT

NYC SCHOOL GOVERNANCE: Parent, teacher and community involvement structure

SLTs and Comprehensive Educational Plans (CEPs)

Schools Are Us: How everyone can be a part of the decision-making process for schools

Chancellor’s Regulation A-655

Fact Sheet on SLTs and SLT Meetings (Open Meetings)

DOE’s SLT Page with 2016 SLT PPT and Toolkit

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